The Taesian Chronicles


A Riddle of Scars  


Now in primary composition. Estimated release June, 2019

A woman searches for her mother but discovers a plot to topple an empire.

This will be the fourth book in the Taesia series, and will be the first of the second trilogy, The Pillars of Taesia. Stay tuned for information as work on the book progresses and look for a release date announcement.


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The Taesian Chronicles  


All three books, Ohlen's Arrow, Ohlen's Bane, and Paragon's Call in one volume.

Read the complete trilogy, plus a bonus short story, The Orphan's Maker —not available anywhere else— in a single volume. The Taesian Chronicles is available for Kindle and in paperback at


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Ohlen's Arrow  


Vengeance drives him. Can honor save him?

A savage tribe of cru'gan brutally slaughtered his family, orphaning Ohlen when he was still a boy. Twenty years later a ferocious attack driven by a mysterious witch sends him on a perilous journey to rescue his best friend's child. His choice between vengeance and honor will determine not only his own fate, but the fate of those he loves.


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Ohlen's Bane  


There is no honor among brothers.

Ohlen receives an unexpected visit from Kha'ard, the honorable cru'gan, bringing portentous news of strange artifacts he'd found in a remote northern cave. Joined by the affable shaman, Ahmahn, and the young warrior, Therran, they travel to the city of Eeron to warn Regent Merrick Stonehorn, Ohlen's old friend and mentor. They discover Merrick has his own problems as workers in the nearby iron mines have been found with their heads cut off.

Suspecting an invasion from Dvaken, a strange yet powerful race of human-like creatures, Merrick seeks help in the most unlikely of places. Can the city be saved?


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Ohlen's Bane  


The sunset of an old hero. The dawn of a new foe.

Paragon’s Call is the third and final book in The Taesian Chronicles trilogy. In this exciting and fast-paced conclusion, we pick up the story a year after the Battle of Eeron from book two, Ohlen’s Bane. Ohlen and his comrades, Therran and Ahmahn, discover the novaari, dangerous beasts that are half man, half animal. Ohlen is conscripted by Emperor Percy Saltos to lead a ragtag group of criminal misfits called Paragons, who are charged with seeking out these monsters and destroying them. But not everyone wants them to succeed.


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→ A message from the author:

Author Steven Scott Williamson Like many fantasy authors, I was introduced to the genre when I played my first game of Dungeons & Dragons. It was during a family camping trip in May, 1980, and while my two friends and I sat inside a travel trailer rolling dice and fighting orcs, the air outside became gritty and hard to breathe. It was permeated with the fine gray ash spewing out of Mt. St. Helens which was erupting just sixty miles to the north.

I now live in western Oregon in the shadow of another active volcano, Mt. Hood.

Writing has always been a source of easy enjoyment for me, especially as a kid. I wrote a lot of creative short stories, often with a fantastical bent (I’m real fond of dwarves and dragons), and played a LOT of Dungeons and Dragons up until my early 20′s. I was most often the Dungeon Master, so I spent a great deal of time in creative pursuit of the ultimate adventure. At one point I figured out that for every hour of actual game play, I would have spent 20 hours of writing and preparation. It was like having a part-time job, and I loved it.

I’ve written in a lot of genres other than fantasy, along with my fair share of technical manuals and other boring categories. That’s a big part of how I pay the bills, actually. In the early 90′s I produced a successful newsletter, The Time of Day, and then in 1994 I realized dead-tree editions were not the way to go … the future was the Web! I had been working professionally as a programmer since I was 16, so taking up HTML — it still had that new car smell! — was easy enough. Soon my web site garnered the attention of some big-name publishers and I was asked to write, “Learn HTML in 7 Days.” (I turned down the gig; they wanted 7 days worth of 8-hour lessons — there simply wasn’t that much to HTML and I refused to fill it with fluff.)

I decided to be my own publisher and created a series of computer support and training manuals that I sold to local book stores, computer shops, and to my students. Did I forget to mention that I started a computer training company?

Writing has been an essential part of every personal and professional endeavor I have undertaken. As my friends will tell you, I’d rather write a long email than pick up the phone and make a quick call.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site. To keep updated on my writing projects and the latest happenings with The Taesian Chronicles, be sure to visit my blog. It is intended to chronicle my experiences, triumphs and challenges as a novelist. I hope my experiences, trials and triumphs will help my readers in their writing endeavors.

Best wishes... Steven Scott Williamson


Reviews for The Taesian Chronicles:

"I enjoyed taking this journey with Ohlen and his friends. The balance between action and character development was perfect and the story was easy to follow. That can't always be said of a book in this genre and as a reader, I appreciate it. I'm happy to hear the author has begun the sequel, and I'm anxious to find out what's next for our hero."

 — Staci W., via

"After reading the first book I knew I needed to continue with the series. I did not regret that choice in the least after reading this book. I very much look forward to book 3 when it comes out."

 — David Olson, via